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OUTgoingPOLAND Staff

The staff has a direct experience in organizing international workshops and road-shows in the tourist sector. The same team has been working together, in Poland, for the last ten years with regard to managing incoming and outgoing workshops, promotional activities for international clients and organizations of tailored business contacts.

The Staff

Gilberto Zangari (CEO Italab sp zo o), he has been working in the tourist field as an international institution consultant for 30 years. He lectured at Master of Tourism of the Bologna University.  For the last seven years he has been working in Poland where he was responsible for promoting and organizing B2B events in the tourism and eno-gastronomy sectors, initially cooperating with TTG Poland.

Ewa Pac  she is in charge of relations with Polish tour operators and representatives of the Polish tourist intermediation. She is also responsible as executive manager for event implementation.

Piotr Kossowski (Sales manager) has worked in leading companies of airline industry for than 20 years, where he has mantained numerous contacts, mainly in the German language market.

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