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Another bright year for Polish Outgoing Tourism?

by GilbertoZangari on June 5th, 2017

We are on the border of the summer 2017 and it’s worth to check the situation of the Polish outgoing tourism before the big holidays. The source of our data is PZOT /MerlinX .

According this platform (that manages more than 50% of  the total  purchases of tourist packages made by the Polish travel agencies)  at the 30th of May  2017 the sales of tourist packages show a +29,8% compared with the same period of the last year. in May 2016 the same index was -9,9% compared with the 2015.

The Polish tourist seems to have metabolized the fear of terrorist attacks, therefore the market has not only recovered the decrease of 2016 but is grown of about the 20% and, as we will see, some destinations have improved their rank as receivers of tourist flows.

It’s very interesting to compare the weekly trends of sales of the current year with the previous one.








In the 2016 the sales of the  first weeks were positives, but from the 46th week they were frozen by terrorist attacks that pushed the tourists towards other choices and directions.

In the current year,  although the situation of terrorism has not improved and maybe it is probably worse than the 2016, the trend of sales doesn’t show any decrease. Week by week the sales are higher than the previous year.

Compared with the same week of the 2016 the destination countries show significant differences: Egypt and Turkey have recovered their previous position in the rank of the first twenties.


Czech Republic , France and Thailand have been substituted by Tanzania, Oman and Malta, increasing the weight of exotic destinations in the first twenty Cuntries.

Before to conclude this post it’s very interesting to pay attention to the means of transport used by tourists for moving toward their holiday destinations.  Remarkable is  the performance of the  means of transport  self managed by the tourists (mainly own cars or rented cars) , which have doubled their quantity, achieving a market share of the 15%, while busses and flights have lost both some percentage points.

This result could be the sign of a change in the holiday preferences of Poles: a growing number of organized holiday customers prefers to purchase from the Tour Operators only the basic services  while the daily activities of vacation must be flexible and self managed by the tourist. We will dig this topic  in the next posts.

Author: Gilberto Zangari

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